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Choose Your Favorite From Our Publications
Pages: 494
Genres: Historical Biological Nonfiction, Adults, African History, African Religions, African Studies, Biographical, Coming of Age, Daughter Relationships, Educational, Esoteric, Father and Daughter, Historical, Immortality, Immortals, Inspirational, Magical Realism, Mother and Daughter, Paranormal, Religious, Religious Studies, Romance, Siblings, Sibling Rivalry, Scholastic Novel, Spiritual, Spirituality, World History, and Young Adults.

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Hardback version of the book is carefully encased in a beautiful blue linen permanent waterproof binding with gold lettering on the spine. It is covered in a removable dust cover for unlimited preservation. This hardback book can be handed down for generations to come. It also makes a nice gift presentation for any occasion at your employment, for your personal library collection, school graduations, celebrations, and among friends and family.