We are Seeking to Educate writers and authors about the first ruling world empire called Melnibora.

The world needs to know that a technically advanced society called the Empire of Melnibora existed in southern Africa over three million years ago.

Seeking to Educate Writers and Authors About History

Hieroglyphs And Carved Paintings On The Ceiling Of The Dendera Temple



Littérateurs and Truth Tellers

We specialize in producing African history books. Why is African history essential, and why is African history not taught in elementary schools? Why is this crucial subject left out of most school curriculums on all levels? We are interested in the stories of African queens, which are too numerous to count.

Why is there only one month out of the year (February) to pay tribute to African history instead of the entire year? We are seeking authors who believe that this subject is vital to American history and world history. We say that African history is American history and world history. African history is millions of years old. We seek writers and authors who write to educate because we have a million stories to tell based on truths and reality.