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Our mission is to publish for the multitudes of African Americans who came out to vote for President Obama and, most recently, this year for President Biden. Once again, during the early elections in New York City, which span ten days, these voters stood in line for four to five hours in the cold and the rain until the polls opened. I saw them. I was there. I am a poll worker and a poll worker coordinator. I was/am proud to serve our country. It is the most beautiful and uplifting thing to assist someone, even in the smallest way.

When the sun was out, they stood in long lines, reading books all over the country. In any political struggle, the preponderance of people is always avant-garde. History has proven this, time and time again. We can change the trajectory of every child and individual life we give one book to.

We publish because the masses of our children need to know that we had a magnificent history; the scales of which have yet to be written about. Our children need to know that we had virtuous kings and queens who were heroes too voluminous to count on these pages and that our children are our futures and must become heroes again. They must know what is possible! So that they will know that the future can be finer and enhanced because our past was great, and our future will be greater.

Our Story

Queen Nzingha Publications, Inc. is a mainstream indie book publisher specializing in historical novels that focus on African-American and African studies themes. The New York-based publishing company was established by Bettie J. Sanders in November 2020 and is featuring its first book: Queen Nzingha and Soul Travel: Reincarnation – Volume I. This book is a historical, biological nonfiction novel that has over 28 genres. The genres are adults, African history, African religions, African studies, biographical, coming of age, daughter relationships, educational, esoteric, father and daughter, historical, immortality, immortals, inspirational, magical realism, mother and daughter, paranormal, religious, religious studies, romance, siblings, sibling rivalry, scholastic novel, spiritual, spirituality, world history, and young adults.

This book is just volume one of a series of volumes on the first true-life childhood to adult accounts of Queen Nzingha, a well-known Angolan South African queen born in 1583 AD. This book is unique for four reasons:

First: Previous authors wrote several books about Queen Nzingha's childhood as Princess Nzingha, but none of these tell the true story of how she became an immortal revered on three continents since the 1600s AD. She has had a cult following for over four hundred years wherein people have claimed to have seen her present before them. Important historical characters, which affected Princess Nzingha's education, were omitted by other authors.

Second: Immortality is not a subject that has been made public for many reasons, but it has always been a well-established fact among a few occult and religious organizations since the beginning of time. This first volume explains how and why Princess Nzingha was chosen to become a gifted priestess endowed and trained to have superhuman abilities. Princess Nzingha was not the first priestly queen who became immortal. These other immortals are hinted at and named in volume one and expounded upon in volume two. Why are their stories important? Their stories are important because immortality is achievable for the chosen few, but the information about these immortals is available to all.

Third: This first volume introduces her great-great-grandfather, who is an infamous Jaga priestly king. Our novel is the first to explain the history, the purpose, and the mystery of the Jaga priesthood as the Jaga king's real story. For centuries, people have written about the Jaga but could not give any definitive information on them. Princess Nzingha's name is the female spelling for the Jaga king, whose name was spelled as Nzinga, the male spelling. Previous authors have incorrectly misspelled Princess Nzingha's name for this male spelling. For centuries, no one has ever been able heretofore to explain not only the abilities of a Jaga king, but his ancient history is detailed, dating back to the beginning of time.

Fourth: This novel reviews ancient African history from a world history perspective that is easy for teenagers to follow and remember. These world history events are part of Princess Nzingha's story, which are expanded upon exponentially in volume two. Historical events are explained and are easy to follow as Princess Nzingha becomes aware of them and is affected by them. There is a glossary, bibliography, footnotes, endnotes, index, and study questions at the end of the novel, which teachers can easily use in an elementary or middle school classroom. College students can also easily find exciting figures in history to research thesis papers and African studies program credits. However, volume two is more appropriate for high school, college students, and adults.

An Isis statue in the Temple of Isis which is part of the religion of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Our Founder

Bettie J. Sanders, the founder of Queen Nzingha Publications, Inc., attended Hampton University, Fordham University, and graduated from the College of New Rochelle with the highest honors with B.A. in social science. She is originally from Washington, D.C. and has lived in New York state since 1974. After operating a successful beauty salon in Bedford Stuyvesant, NY and increasing the real estate value of her neighborhood, she opened the first black-owned cosmetology school in New York state in over thirty years, wherein her students tested with the highest-ever recorded scores on state licensing exams in the history of New York state.